KTH Life Cycle Network

Publicerad 2012-10-18

Over 30 researchers have already joined the KTH Life Cycle Network which is coordinated by fms.

KTH Life Cycle Network

Life cycle assessment (LCA) is an important method for environmental systems analysis used for assessing the environmental impacts of products and services in a life cycle perspective.  At KTH there are several people at different units that use and develop LCA in their research.

For this reason, a network has been initiated aiming to increase the opportunities for collaboration in the field of LCA at KTH and also to strengthen the position of KTH in the LCA community. The upstart of the Life Cycle Network is financed by KTH-Sustainability and coordinated by the Division of Environmental Strategies Research - fms. The network provides an opportunity to meet and discuss LCA-related issues and to increase KTH researchers’ individual LCA contacts. Hopefully, this will lead to new projects, joint PhD-studies, collaboration in education, etc.

The first network meeting and seminar took place in March 2012. The second seminar which will also be the official kickoff event for the network takes place 19 October 2012.

For more information, subscription to the newsletter and participation in the network activities please contact Åsa Moberg or Sofia Poulikidou at  lcacontact@kth.se or continue to the new webpage of the KTH Life Cycle Network:

KTH Life Cycle Network

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