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Urban Landscapes and Futures

Urban systems and related transport infrastructure increasingly dominate the world´s flows and storage of energy and materials, widely affecting use of natural resources, ecosystem services and biodiversity. At the same time urban and urbanising landscapes are arenas where most people live and work. Therefore, methods and tools for integrating sustainability issues in urban development are urgently needed.

Urban nature is a key component of the urban system, providing ecosystem services such as air quality and micro climate regulation and stormwater retention but also health and recreation, and sustaining biodiversity. Research is conducted on impacts of urbanisation and transport infrastructure on biodiversity and ecosystem services, as well as on development of methods and tools for integration of biodiversity objectives and an ecosystem approach in planning and management of urban systems.

Ongoing research projects

Sustainable urban development - Conditions and challenges for urban planning

ISSUE - Integrating Sustainability Strategies in Urban Environments


Green areas in compact, energy efficient cities

Comparative Urban Ecology

Groundwater in peri-urban areas

Land Evolution and impact Assessment Model (LEAM) Stockholm

Earlier research projects and activities

Environmental assessment of road geology and ecology in a system perspective

Seminar: iLEAM Stockholm seminar on Urban System Science  11 May 2017 at KTH Campus, Stockholm

Road ecology for environmental impact assessment

Road structures under climate and land use change

Impacts of region wide urbanisation on biodiversity in strategic environmental assessment

MatrixGreen - a tool for network-based analyses of fragmented landscapes

Fauna management in urbanising areas

Landscape Ecological Analysis and Assessment in an urbanising environment

EU Green Capital Seminar on Urban Nature - Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Environmental management of rail maintenance and operation: monitoring environmental performance

Environmental management of road maintenance and operation

Seminar: Data on roads and transportation - The Swedish National Road Database and SAMPERS

Selected publications

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