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AGI14 - VIC - KTH Open House


Students of Advanced Graphics and Interaction present their projects to an open audience as their final examination in the course.

When: Friday, Dec 5, 2014: 15:00-19:00.

Where: Visualization Studio VIC, KTH (Directions, Map).

Who: Everyone is welcome!

RSVP?: Please RSVP to this Doodle by December 3, 2014. Come prepared to ask many questions, please.

Contact: Mario Romero


YA3 - You are a Tree YA3, You Are a Tree, is an experience of creation through movement. A performer's body movements captured on a Microsoft Kinect map to the contortions of a growing tree for a meditative experience of creation and reflection. 2Pacs 2Pacs is a collaborative game where two players armed with wii motes control a deranged Pac-man across a labyrinthine landscape while ghosts give endless chase. Each player has their own controller and view of the game and, together, they embody 2Pac. Thrust Yourself In Thrust Yourself, a player embodies a space walker dying to get home... literally running out of oxygen. The player controls the space walker through a combination of Wii MotionPlus and nun-chuck and views space through the virtual reality of an Oculus Rift. PodRacer PodRacer is an immersive virtual reality game where the player controls a two-engine pod, as in Star Wars Episode 1, through two haptic controllers. Students used an Oculus Rift and two Novint Falcons. More Photos: Comic Con - Gamex 2014

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