Lecture 1

Time: Monday 31 October 2016 at 15:00 - 17:00 2016-10-31T15:00:00 2016-10-31T17:00:00

Kungliga Tekniska högskolan
HT 2016 hallmed2016

Location: E3, Osquars backe

Activity: Lecture

Teachers: Elina Eriksson (elina) , Daniel Pargman (pargman)

Student groups: TIMTM_1

Details (TimeEdit): Introduction


Introduction to the Course

Lecturer: Daniel Pargman, Elina Eriksson, and Hanna Hasselqvist, KTH

Talk: Welcome to the first lecture in this course. Among other things we will give an introduction of the course with course information, and present us, the teachers in the course.

About: Daniel Pargman is an Associate Professor in Media Technology at the KTH School of Computer Science and Communication. His research interests concerns social media, virtual communities, Internet culture, sustainability and resource challenges.

Elina Eriksson is an Assistant Professor working at Green Leap and at the Center for Sustainable Communications (CESC) at KTH. Her research interest has been in change issues, and user-centred design. However, on a personal level, the survival of the human race and her children in particular has pushed her into climate-sustainability-zombie anxiety, something she tries to harness in research.

Hanna Hasselqvist is a PhD student at the Media Technology and Interaction Design (MID) department. Her research interest is in the use of design and ICT for moving towards a more socially and environmentally sustainable world.

Literature: No literature to read before the lecture.

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