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Locations of the course activities

The introductory lectures and the final project presentations are held in lecture halls at the KTH downtown campus. The location for the first meeting and the final presentation are specified in the course schedule (see link to the right).

All other lectures and meetings, including review meetings, and the design work are carried out in the students lab at KTH's downtown campus, Osquldas väg 10, 2nd floor, room A:213. Students get unrestricted (day&night&weekends) access to that lab during the project work. Students not having a KTH access card yet should get such a card from KTH-Kortexpedition during the first course week, and will get access to the student lab upon cimmunicating their card number to the course responsible.

The fabrication lab work is done in KTH's cleanroom laboratory in Kista (Isafjordsgatan 22-24). This is the only activity which does not happen at the KTH main campus, and takes about 3 full days.

The evaluation lab work is done at the Microsystem Technology Laboratory at the KTH downtown campus, Osquldas väg 10, 5th floor.

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