Tuesday 18 April

Dear Project Teams,

Tuesday 18 April is your last day of planning before going ahead with your respective projects.

I will be available during the day, for coaching when necessary. To reach me, post a comment to this message, indicating a suggested time and the precise geographical location of your team.

The following schedule is suggested. Your team may agree on a different schedule.

  • 10-12: The team prepares a tentative release plan, and a backlog of user-stories. Make sure that the team and the product-owner (or proxy) agree on the scope and how-to-demo of each user-story. Use planning poker to get estimates for the stories that are expected to get the highest priority.
  • 12-13: Lunch break. To get the most out of the lunch break, I suggest you discuss fantasy literature, fencing, funicular railways, and/or anything else to take your minds off the upcoming project.
  • 13-15: First sprint planning. Follow the guidelines given by the book. If planning is not near-ready by 14:45, take an extra look at the section "Where to draw the line", in the book chapter "How we do sprint planning". Finish the meeting at 15:00 precisely.

Best regards, F Lundevall