There are practice quizzes and graded quizzes for most of the course's content.

The practice quizzes are ungraded and are available to help you verify that you understand the material. They also interleave with the video lectures and are meant to be taken right after watching the lectures.

The graded quizzes are similar but will be part of the final score in the course.

The quizzes are available at https://kth.instructure.com/courses/17212/quizzes.

Graded quizzes

The due date and the maximum number of attempts for each graded quiz are announced on the quiz page.

The student will get up to 10 points (see Grading), based on the percentage of correct answers on the graded quiz questions.

Assistant Niklas Ekström created page 16 January 2013

Assistant commented 23 January 2013

The first graded quiz (on lecture 2) has been posted.

You have a maximum of two attempts, and the highest score is kept.

You can do the quiz any time you like during the next 14 days.

Assistant commented 4 February 2013

Don't forget that the deadline for the first graded quiz is on Wednsday!

10 points out of the total 100 points on the course comes from the graded quizzes, so don't forget to do them on time if you want a good grade.

Currently there are 8 registered students who haven't done the first graded quiz.

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