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Welcome to the Optical Design course

The info below applies tentatively to 2016, and is currently being updated.

The first lecture will be given Tuesday November 1st 2016 at 10-12 in room FB51. The rest of the schedule can be found here, but can be changed if it suits many students badly. Date for the exam will be planned during first lecture so we can find a time that suits all participants.

The course literature is a booklet prepared by Ove Axner at Umeå University, which you can buy at a cost of SEK 300 at the Student Office, level 5 in Albanova. You can only pay by credit card, no cash. For the first few lectures you will also need the chapters on geometrical optics from you previous course book on optics, such as "Optics" by Hecht.

Course responsible and lecturer is Anna Burvall, while Dmitri Romashchenko handles lab and computer labs.

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