Lab and computer labs

Laboratory task

One laboratory task should be completed. Students and assistant meet here and the go to the lab rooms. Please note that labs start at e.g. 8.00 or 13.00 sharp, not quarter past. No dates are currently set for the labs of 2016. During the course, we'll plan lab sessions so that all students have a chance to attend.

Lab sessions 2016: Thu 8 Dec 13-17 (max 8 students, 6 signed up)
                                Mon 12 Dec 8-12 (max 8 students, 7 signed up)

Contact Anna to sign up for a lab session.

Computer labs

5 computer tasks should be completed by the given hand-in dates. We will be using an optical design software called Synopsys, which can be downloaded from the manufacturer's homepage We can use the free version, which limits the number of surfaces to 12 but still allows optimization. The program is installed in the computer room RB33, but you can also download and install it on your own computer.

Rules for hand-in of computer labs. The labs are best handed in via the Bilda platform, but can also be given to the lecturer or assistant in paper form. The course page on Bilda will only be used for hand-in. All other info is on the course homepage in KTH Social.

Due to low attendance during previous years, there will be no scheduled sessions in the computer room. Instead, there are 5 one-hour sessions scheduled directly before or after the lectures, often in the same room as the lecture for easy access. During these sessions you will receive assistance on the computer tasks. If you have a laptop, bring it. If not, put your files on a USB stick, so they can be uploaded to the laptop brought by the assistant.

Computer task 1 should be handed in by November 7.

Computer task 2 should be handed in by November 17.

Computer task 3 should be handed in by November 28.

Computer task 4 should be handed in by December 12.

Computer task 5 should be handed in by December 19.

Please note that the hand-in dates of the last two labs, which are the most advanced, are quite close together. Start early!

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