Lectures 2019

The course consists of a total of 10 lectures, in addition to the course introduction. 

Details of each lecture

Detailed lists of contents, reading assignments, supplemetary materials and links to the quizzes for each lecture are provided to registered students during the course.

Flipped classroom

The course adopts a lecture concept, which goes by the name of 'Flipped classroom'. Conventional lectures are replaced with online preparations (prior to the classes) and activities to be undertaken during the classes, to allow more feedback and interaction on the course topics (and their difficulties). During the scheduled 'lectures' in class we can have more 'quality time', to e.g. address questions and explanations on tricky concepts and solve together more complex (exam-type) problems - instead of you having to do that on your own.

Nevertheless, for this to work it is of paramount importance that you have read the assigned material in advance and taken the relevant pre-lecture quizzes before coming to the class.

Before the lectures

Reading Assignments

You will be provided with a list of reading assignments in preparation of each lecture. The reading will concern specific chapters of Yariv's coursebook (or equivalent content from other sources). 

Quizzes in Scalable Learning

After reading the relevant material, you should access Scalable Learning (check the section 'Pre-lecture quizzes'  here to the left) and take the quizzes by the deadlines, which shall be visible in the system. While taking the quiz (fully anonymously) you can also leave feedback and comments for the teacher on the topic, the quizzes and whatever you feel relevant and important to be taken up in the lecture or for the teacher to know.


The deadlines for each set of quizzes (in preparation of the lectures in the course) will be visible to you in the online test system (Scalable Learning) once you log in. You can come back and take the mini-tests again, as many times as you want, as long as that is done by the deadline (afterwards they won't count). 

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