0. Waves and Rays

Waves and Rays

Electromagnetic field and waves

  • The different models (geometrical optics / scalar wave optics / electromagnetic optics) 
  • Maxwell’s equations and boudary conditions
  • Energy density and Poynting vector
  • Monochromatic fields
  • Wave equation and Helmholtz equation
  • Plane waves

Ray optics

  • Ray model of light propagation
  • Ray-transfer matrix (ABCD)
  • ABCD matrices of basic components (lens, uniform medium, planar dielectric interface, curved dielectric interface, spherical mirror) and their cascade

Reading Assignments

Chapter 1 (§ 1.0-1.4) + Chapter 2 (§ 2.0-2.1) from Yariv's book (Photonics)

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