2. Waveguide optics

Optical Waveguides

Optical waveguides

  • Optical guidance basic principle,
  • Waveguide geometries and definitions.
  • Helmholtz equation and guided modes
  • Planar waveguides and optical fibres

Dielectric slab waveguides

  • TE and TM modes
  • The step index waveguide
  • Propagation constants (Ray picture and EM picture)
  • Field distributions (EM picture)
  • Number of modes and cutoff 
  • Propagation losses

Reading Assignments

Chapter 3: §3.0-introduction, §3.1-TE and TM modes in symmetric slab waveguides, §3.2-TE and TM modes in asymmetric slab waveguides.

Reading (after lecture)

Chapter 3: §3.3 - modes in otical fibers, §3.5 - waveguide dispersion, §3.6 - waveguide attenuation.

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