9. Light-Matter Interaction

Light-matter interaction

Atom-photon interaction

  • Classical electron model
  • Complex susceptibility and refractive index
  • Dispersion and absorption
  • Lineshape function
  • Homogeneous and inhomogeneous broadening

Transition rates

  • Absorption, stimulated and spontanoeus emisstion
  • Transition lifetime
  • Einstein's coefficients
  • Induced transition rates
  • Optical gain

Reading Assignments

Chapter 5: §5.0-introduction, §5.1-Atomic transitions and EM waves, §5.2-Atomic polarizability and dielectric constant, §5.3- Classical electron model, §5.4-Dispersion and complex refractive index, §5.5-Lineshape function, §5.6-Induced transitions, from Yariv's book (Photonics)

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