Examination 2019

The examination is performed through :

  • Home-assignments - Distributed during the course (contributing to 2/3 of the final mark)
  • Final written exam - At the end of the course (contributing to 1/3 of the final mark)

To pass the course, a total of 3.0 points must be reached and the final written exam must be taken.

Home assignments

The tasks are distributed in several sets during the course. They are to be solved at home, may be discussed in groups and have then to be handed-in individually by the deadlines listed here below :


Posted on:

Hand-in deadline


Friday 25th january

Monday 11th february


Friday 1st february

Monday 18th february


Friday 8th february

Monday 25th of february


Friday 15th february

Monday 4th march

Home Assignment points

Each task gives up to 1 point.

N.B. 0.2 points will be drawn from the sum for each working day if the tasks are handed in late ― "No excuses.”

Quizzes Bonus points

Additionally 0.5 bonus points can be gained by doing all the pre-lecture quizzes (see related section) by their deadlines.

Final Exam

A final written examination must be undertaken after the end of the course.

Marks: The final exam contribues to 33% of the final mark (max 2 points)

Allowed material: notes, course book, calculator, tables of mathematical formulae.

Forbidden material: Computers, mobile phones, all means of communication.

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