Pre-lecture quizzes


We will be using an online system (Scalable Learning) to make your learning experience more interactive during the course. The system provides a set of multiple choice mini-tests (quizzes) that you can use as quick self-assessment exercises after having performed the reading assigned in preparation for each lecture. Furthermore, with the system you can provide (fully anonymously) feedback on the topic and the quizzes at any time before the lecture and highlight problems or further questions, which can then be taken up by the teachers in class.


The deadlines for each set of quizzes (in preparation of the lectures in the course) will be visible to you in the online test system (Scalable Learning) once you log in. You can come back and take the mini-tests again, as long as that is done by the deadline (afterwards they won't count).

Scalable Learning - how does it work?

To access the system you will need to create an account and add this course. You will be able to do so, by following the instructions which will be sent to you by email. Once you're registered in the system, you will be able to access the quizzes and see their deadlines as they will be published (during the course).

Accessing the quizzes :

  • first of all study the material of the lecture (notes & book)
  • then log in scalable learning
  • the first page shows you a calendar with the deadlines for each quiz-module (corresponding to a lecture)
  • click on the icon of the lecture module to access the mini-tests
  • by clicking on each module in the list on the left in the lecture page, you can see the list of quizzies (& corresponding sub-topics) for each lecture
  • you can take these mini-tests independently (and come back to them again later too, if you wish).
  • once you've taken a test  a green marker will appear by its side in main list 

Taking the quizzes :

  • click on the quiz title, then a video shall appear to the right
  • the video will automatically start and pause to let you answer the question on the screen
  • the questions can be of 3 types:
    • multiple choices with only one correct answer
    • multiple choice with several correct answers (in this case the system will tell you your answer is incorrect until you have clicked on ALL the correct answers, not just one)
    • drag into box answers (here the answers/or their labels will appear on the upper left corner of the video and you'll have to drag them into place - into the dashed boxes appearing on the slide. The system acknowledges your selection by making the label fit in the box and by changing color to cyan)
  • after selecting your question, you can press the 'check answer' button to see if it's correct (and eventually get additional explanations) 
  • once you've answered the questions on the page, the system will automatically proceed to the next question
  • you can provide the teacher with feedback on the lecture & quizzes by putting your comments in 'survey' section at the end of each module but also by asking specific questions directly in the quiz.

Once more, the quizzes are not exam-type questions, but short assessment tests to be taken before the lectures to let the teacher know (we can see your answers, but not your identity) which concepts / contents are clear and which ones deserve more time and in-depth explanations in the lectures. This will allow us also to devote more time  to practice with exam-type problems and discuss further the topic in the class. Last but not least, you can use the tests also as a self-assessment tool of your learning progress during (and after) the course. 

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