Biomechanics, health and biotechnology

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This is a group for discussing the topic within the thematic area "Biomechanics, health and biotechnology" in the Dept. of Engineering Mechanics.

Mission statement

The Biomechanics, Health and Biotechnology (BHB) focus area represents a multidisciplinary research, educational and service initiative within the Department of Engineering Mechanics. The primary goal of BHB is the advancement and dissemination of fundamental knowledge. BHB is an integral aspect in many evolving fields, including but not limited to design of medical devices, tissue engineering, impact protection, rehabilitation, clinical diagnostics, robotics, sports and ergonomics.

Research. We generate knowledge through research excellence and provide insights into tissue biomechanics, musculoskeletal biomechanics, human movement, hemodynamics, airway biomechanics, …

Education. We integrate BHB contents into engineering course programs to prepare undergraduate and graduate students for scientific and industrial challenges.

Engagement. We engage with the community to provide experiences in a technologically advanced research setting to stimulate interest in the different BHB-related aspects.

BHB is obligated to students, the university, and society to carry out all activities according to the highest international scientific and ethical standards.

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