Teaching assistants

All teaching assistants

All teaching assistants should keep a track of their teaching hours in this spreadsheet. Add your details on the first sheet ('Overview'), completing all columns. Copy the sheet 'teaching hours template' on that page to your own space, fill it in and add the shared link on the overview page. Include all time spent, including preparation time, meetings, etc.

Make sure to keep the spreadsheet updated i.e. when planned teaching is completed. Planned teaching hours should be agreed with the course responsible for each course in advance of doing the course.

Hourly-paid teaching assistants

Details in Swedish available here.


Each hourly-paid teaching assistant must report hours worked on a special form (Blankett för timredovisning) each month. The form, including course and TA details, should be sent to the course responsible to be checked. Once they have approved it by signing it, the original signed document (i.e. not a scanned version) should be sent to the Head of Department to be certified. HR will then enter the details in the payroll system on the 25th of the month. One form should be used per course.

Each teaching activity (exercise, lab tutorial, etc) must be reported on a separate line in the table. For each activity, the following should be reported: the date, teaching activity type, number of hours worked. The number of hours worked is indicated by an integer or decimal that has been rounded to the nearest half-hour. Preparation time is included in the reported time according to the template below.

Type of Teaching
Preparation Rate Comments
Exercises 2 ** (1)

Exercises are counted in whole hours and include an equal amount of preparation time e.g. a two-hour exercise is reported as 4 hours.

**NOTE! This value is 2 for distance education in P1 and P2 2020

Tutorials 1/2 ** (1/3)

Report actual tutoring time in the lab and include 1/3 preparation time. For example, report 1 hour for a 45 minute tutorial.

**NOTE! This value is 1/2 for distance education in P1 and P2 2020

Grading 0 Report actual time for grading (e.g. homework or exams).
Course development 0 Do not report more time for course development (e.g. lab development) than the course leader has agreed.
Meetings 0 For assistant meetings. Report real time.
Lecture assistant 0 For work as a moderator during lectures, assistance with reverse lectures, etc. Report real time including any preparation.
Group work 0 In some courses, exercise sessions can report up to 1 hour group responsibility a week, which means answering questions from students via email and in Canvas, contacting group participants in the course, etc. Enter a day at the end of the working week that does not collide with other teaching you have.
Supplements 0 Supplements are given for tuition (exercises, labs or supervision) scheduled after 19:00 weekdays or on Saturdays or Sundays. The surcharge from 19:00 on Friday and Saturday/Sunday is 50 kr per hour. The supplement for other days from 19:00 is 25 SEK per hour.

Blankett för timredovisning (reporting form)

The fee per hour is stated here. It is 150 kronor per hour for the academic year 2019/20.

GRU account details

All personnel (professor, lektor, doktorand, etc) working on courses listed at an institution should be paid from that institution's GRU account for the corresponding time. The important thing is not which department a person teaches at, but at what institution the courses are listed. GRU code: see here for the respective institution GRU codes.

Process (see note below)

1. TA fills in the timesheet, including their name and person number, and course code/round. Sends to course responsible for signature.

2. Course responsible checks the hours and that all relevant details have been filled in. If that is the case, they sign the timesheet.

3. The timesheet should be printed and sent to the Head of Division (i.e. placed in their physical inbox near the EECS Service Center on plan 4). If the TA carries out this task and finds that the Service Center is closed, they can put the timesheet in an envelope addressed to 'CST Head of Division: Tino Weinkauf' and post it in the EECS mailbox.


Documents can also be digitally signed and emailed. See this link for more details.

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