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Before starting

Before starting your exjobb at CSC, KTH Here are some advice on how to find a task for your exjobb and the first steps in getting started.

Read the instructions Before you begin looking for a degree project assignment, you should read

what is a degree project at CSC?

Eligible for a degree project? MSc students must have completed all courses at Bachelor level. All students shouldmust have completed advanced level courses corresponding to 60 ETCTS; including all compulsory courses in the Master program,scientific methodology and all specialization courses relevant for the thesis work, and a course in Scientific methodology.

When can you start? CSC has fixed starting dates at the start of each period.

Find a degree project assignment There are many ways to go about finding a good degree project assignment. Make an effort to find an assignment that you feel you want to do and where you feel confident in the principal.

Please note that you must always contact CSC and have an examiner and supervisor assigned at CSC before you begin your degree project, in order for it to be approved by CSC.

Look online There are degree project suggestions on the KTH degree project portal

Contact researchers at CSC You can look online and see what CSC's various research groups are involved with. If you think it would be interesting to do a degree project within one of the areas where CSC conducts research, and if you have expertise in that area, you can contact the department or research leader for the project in question.

Contact companies You can contact a company directly by calling or writing to it. You can also meet representatives at Armada or other types of labour market presentations.

Look at finished degree projects There are lists of finished degree projects online. There you can see where interesting degree project assignments have been carried out and contact the principal directly. You can also contact the student who completed the degree project to ask about their experience with the principal.

Register the degree project with the degree project coordinator When your degree project assignment is approved by the examiner and you have been assigned a supervisor, you must register the degree project with the degree project coordinator. This should ideally be done before you start the degree project.

* You must personally verify that you are eligible for the degree project course you intend to take.
* If requested by the degree project coordinator, you must be able to prove your eligibility.
In connection with the registration, you will complete a form to apply to do a degree project. You can download the form on the study advisor's website or obtain it from the degree project coordinator. The degree project coordinator signs the form and gives it to the study advisor who admits and registers you for the degree project.

Degree projects abroad It can be very rewarding to carry out degree projects abroad, but it requires a significant amount of advance planning. Visas, insurance, accommodation, etc. may need to be arranged. As is the case in Sweden, the principal can be a company, a government agency or organisation, or a university department. You should contact the person responsible for exchange studies at your office. If you are in another country when your degree project abroad is planned and starts, the registration can be done remotely.

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