The report

The report represents an integral part of the technical work. Start planning the report at an early stage – preferably as soon as the assignment is set for the degree project. Be sure to document the results you obtain as you work, both positive and negative. Also write down your ideas and reflections during the work period.

Technical/scientific reports must be written clearly and concisely. Most bodies that receive scientific articles and the like have a limitation on the number of pages/words or similar.

The report is written in Swedish or English. It is you who is responsible for the language in the report being appropriate and correct.

You should write the entire report before accepting a position somewhere. Unfortunately, there are too many examples of degree project students who started working before the report was completed and who then had major problems finishing the report.

You need to formulate a title for the degree project. This may well consist of a short main title and a longer subtitle. The title should ideally grab the reader's interest. It should be understandable and should not contain any strange abbreviations. The degree project title is reported in the KTH study documentation system and appears in the records of your grades.

A degree project outside of KTH can sometimes involve the production of documentation in the form of a business report. Businesses sometimes have specific requirements and expectations regarding how this should be structured. It is unlikely that the internal business report will suffice as a degree project report. Any work on a special report for the company is not included in the degree project work. The degree project report must, naturally, provide a detailed description of your degree project in order to receive a passing grade. It must also meet certain formal requirements and be formulated entirely by you in order to pass.

The report is a public document

Please note that degree project reports are public documents. Some degree projects may contain parts that the principal wishes to be kept confidential for some reason. You (and your supervisor) must explain to the principal that if they want any part of the work to be confidential, they must discuss this with the supervisor at CSC before the work commences. The degree project report must be so thorough that it is clearly representative of a work of quality and sufficient scope for a degree project. The supervisor and the examiner's assessment of the work is based on the public report. It should also be mentioned that KTH upholds as a principle that supervisors do not sign confidentiality agreements.

The reports are stored electronically and will be posted in the DIVA database.

Making a KTH title page

Use the KTH template for producing a report cover as a pdf.

Fill in:

  • Degree project, second level (30 credits)
  • Title and any subtitle
  • Author
  • Choose KTH School in menu: School of Electrical Engineering and Computer
  • Subject for the degree project or name of study program (depending on what is available in the cover generator at the time).
  • In TRITA field, write  -EECS-EX. TRITA number will be added by administrative staff who will edit this field. You will facilitate the editing by providing a non-empty TRITA field.  

The result is a pdf consisting of  title page and back page. Disassamble and put these together with the pdf of your report, e.g., using Acrobat.

Help with writing


The text of the degree project report must be your own - do not copy, paraphrase or translate someone else's text. It is by thinking and articulating yourself that you achieve the intended learning. Your education is to prepare you for a career where it does not work to steal the work of others.

KTH language workshop

At the KTH language workshop you can get help with questions and issues concerning writing in Swedish or English. However, proofreading and language review must be done by you.

For those interested in further improvement, the 7.5 credit course LS2439 Writing and Presenting a Degree Project in Science and Engineering is available.

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