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Upload to Diva

The diva upload is done by administrative staff since February 2019.

If for some reason you do not want your degree project report to be posted online, notify your degree project coordinator of this. 

Short guidelines (there is a complete manual at the DiVA page):

1) Go to Register thesis in DiVA.

2) Choose “Upload article”

3) Choose “Student thesis”

4) Enter “Last name”

5) Enter “First name”

6) Choose “School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)” (+ department, if necessary)

7) Enter “Main title” (both in Swedish and in English). If you copy and paste the title(s), check them carefully to ensure that all spaces have been transferred correctly.

8) If you have done the thesis in co-operation with a company check the box "External cooperation" and write which company you have cooperated with.

9) Choose “Language”

10) Choose degree: Civilingenjörstudenter (Engineering students): Independent thesis Advanced level (professional degree)

Master students: “Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of master two years)

11) University credits: Choose “30 HE credits”

12)  Enter “Year” (The year it is published)

13) National subject category. Choose ”Datavetenskap (datalogi); Computer Science (10201)” or  ”Medieteknik; Media and Communication Technology (10209)” or " Human Computer Interaction (10204)". 

14) Write keywords for the thesis.

15) Abstract: Copy and paste from the thesis abstract. Read the pasted abstract(s) to ensure that all spaces have been transferred. It happens far too often that spaces are left out  when you copy from pdf and paste into the Diva form.

16) Supervisor: Enter first and last name of your supervisor

17)  Click on continue

18) Upload your pdf-file

19) Choose Type (fulltext, pdf)

20) Mark “Now” when it should be made available

21) Click on upload

22) Check the box “I accept the publishing conditions”

23) Click on continue

24) Click on submit

The national subject category is “Datavetenskap (datalogi); Computer Science (10201)” or “Medieteknik; Media and Communication Technology (10209)”.