Administration of your Master Degree Project

The execution of the Master's degree project is also a course at KTH. You must be registered for the proper course prior to beginning any work on your project.

Preparing for your Masters' degree project

Follow this step-by-step guide to get all the paper work in order.

1. You have to apply before you start your Masters' degree project

  • Print the forms you need: 
    Application for degree project
  • Fill in "part 1" of the "Application for degree project" form and turn it in to your master coordinator for credit requirement check and signature. Remember to sign your own name at the designated column, it is mandatory.

From the course administrator you will receive by e-mail a scanned version of the application, approved to show your eligibility for this course, or else unapproved to notify you that you have not completed requirements.

2. Take your application to your prospective examiner

  • Examiner will fill in part 2 of the "Application for degree project".
    Mandatory: Course code, examiners signature, KTH supervisor (it cannot be your examiner)
  • Write your preliminary title on the application.

3. Hand in completed forms to the course administrator

  • "Application for degree project part 2" – Send a copy as a response to the first e-mail that you received from the administrator.

You can start working on your project when you are registered to the course, which you can check on the web (ladok for student).

Please note that it is not possible to change course code after the registration for the degree project course has been made.

When the Master's degree project is finished

5. Translate your abstract to Swedish. 

  • Ask your supervisor for help if you need to

6. Create the front and back covers for the report

  • Use the following KTH template.
  • Note that the subject is in the name of the degree project course for which you are registered.

TRITA-number is added by a course administrator, you or your examiner no longer need to ask for one, create the covers without any numbers. ISSN or ISRN are no longer needed.

8. Turn in the finished master thesis PDF to your examiner.

  • Your examiner sends the grade, grade date, title and the finished thesis to the course administrator for preparation. 

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