Structure of the programme

The programme is organized in three blocks and one master's thesis. Blocks are read in parallel and each block corresponds to one semester of studies. Also, each student is assigned a mentor who will guide and support the student during the programme.  

1. Basic Block

The basic block gives a broad competence in mathematics at the advanced level. It is mandatory to read one course in each of the four areas listed below. Each course corresponds to 7.5 ECTS credits. 

  • Algebra and Geometry: Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry.
  • Analysis: Advanced Real Analysis I
  • Topology: Topology.
  • Discrete Mathematics: Graph Theory, Enumerative Combinatorics or Number theory.

2. Profile Block

The profile block contains 30 ECTS credits of courses in mathematics on the advanced level. These courses are chosen freely. It is here that the student specializes and prepares for the master thesis.

Courses may be chosen outside mathematics courses outside the program, e.g. in mathematical physics, mathematical statistics, optimization theory or theoretical computer science. Please consult the director(s) of the program.

3. Broadening Block

This block consists of free courses corresponding to 15 ECTS credits, and the following two mandatory courses:

  • AK2040 Theory and Methodology of Science with Applications,
    7.5 credits, (or the corresponding course at Stockholm University).
  • MM7020 Mathematical Communication, 7.5 credits.

4. Master's Thesis

Students admitted to the programme are required to perform an independent study in the form of a thesis project corresponding to 30 university credits.

To begin the thesis project, a student must normally have completed at least 60 university credits of the total course work and a sufficient amount of profile courses. The purpose of the thesis project is that the student should demonstrate the ability to perform independent project work, using and developing the skills obtained from the courses in the programme.

Individual study plan and Student Support

In the beginning of the programme the director(s) of the program will work with each student for the individual study plan. He or she is supposed to give help and advice concerning the student's choice of courses and subject for master's thesis.

During the programme support is also given in issues not related to mathematics, e.g. housing, visas, child care and language courses.

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