Create a thesis cover

Create a KTH Thesis Cover

All thesis must have a KTH cover. The cover is created via the KTH tool, that you find on the link below

To be able to create a cover, you will need a TRITA-number. The TRITA-number is obtained by your examiner. TRITA-number can at the earliest be obtained when the final version of yout thesis is ready and will be submitted for grading and publishing in DiVA. 

Create a thesis cover in PDF


When it comes to choices in the form, the following are the most common.

Cycle and credits of the degree project: Degree project, second cycle (30 credits)

Degree: Degree of Master (120 credits)

Main field or subject of your degree: Information and Communication Technology

Fill in information regarding: Title, Author, School (School of Information and Communication Technology), Year, and TRITA NR. Do not fill in ISSN and ISRN.

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