Degree project process

The process before, during and after the degree project

Here are information on what the process for the degree project course looks like, and what you need to do as a student, before the course, during the course, and what you need to do when the course is completed. Click on the pages in the menu at the left for more information about each step.

1. Before the degree project

  • Find a degree project (see "Find a degree project").
  • Find examiner and supervisor (see "Find examiner and supervisor").
  • Establish project proposal and fill in the form "application for degree project" (see "Project proposal and form for application for degree project").

2. Beginning of the degree project

  • Download templates for degree project and assessment template ("see "Templates and working material").

3. During the degree project

  • Study the lecture material (see "Recorded lectures and presentations").
  • Practice on examples, study the article Methods and Methodologies (see "Templates and working material").

4. Ending of the degree project

  • Presentation and oppostition seminar, be an active listener (see "Presentation and opposition seminars").

5. After the degree project

  • Create a cover for your thesis (see "Create a thesis cover").
  • Apply for degree (is made via the personal menu).

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