Project proposal and form for application for degree project

Before you can start the degree project course

Before you can start the degree project course, you need to hand in:

  • A project proposal.
  • The form for application for degree project.

1. Project proposal

No matter the level of the degree project, a project proposal must be created and handed in. Templates for the project proposal can be found in the Event Documents folder.

Fill in the project proposal with available information. If there are any unknown information pieces with the degree project, please write these in the project proposal.

The project proposals are used for assigning examiners and supervisors. The proposals are also used for evaluating the degree project’s characteristics and scope. Hence, the project proposals serve as a basis of discussion. Even though there is a lack of project, it is still possible to assign an examiner and a supervisor so students should hand in their project proposals. Then, interest areas are used to assign the most suitable examiner and/or supervisor.

Template for project proposal (Word)

Template for project proposal (PDF)

2. Form for application for degree project

You also need to fill in the form "application for degree project". The filled form should be handed in to your study counsellour that will verify your eligibility. If you fulfill the eligibility requirements, the form will be stamped and signed by the study counsellour. 

Thereafter, please contact your examiner for the remaining data to be completed (part 2 of the form).

When both part 1 and part 2 of application form are signed, please hand in the entire application form by dropping it in the wite post box, outside the Drop-In room at floor 3.

Application for degree project (pdf)

3. Hand in the documents in Canvas

Hand in the project proposal and the application form by uploading the file in an, so called, activity (or assignment) in Canvas. Choose the activity that corresponds to the own education program. Please note: choose only one activity and hand in only one degree project proposal.

Choose an activity that contains the name “grundnivå” (= bachelor level – which are from the first part of activities in the activity list).

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