Application for degree project

Before you can start the degree project course

Project proposal

Before you can start the degree project course you need to hand in project proposal in Canvas (each degree project course has their own course website). You will receive information from the course responsible.

Template for project proposal (txt)

Form for application for degree project

In order to be registered for the degree project, you also need to fill out the form "application for degree project". Part 1 of the filled out form should be signed by your master coordinator, or course responsible, that will verify your eligibility. The examiner should ensure that the proposal will satisfy the intended learning outcomes of the degree project. The examiner will appoint a supervisor at KTH and approve a possible industry supervisor. The examiner then signs the registration form. When the form is filled-out, it should be sent via e-mail to the address for your programme. 

You will be admitted to the course code of the degree project in Ladok. Please note that you will not receive any confirmation once you have been admitted, the admission will appear in your personal menu. Thereafter you need to register for the degree project course in your personal menu, between 10-31 January. If you miss the deadline, we will register you to the course after we have received the form.

Please note that it is not possible to change course code after the registration for the degree project course has been made.

Application for degree project (pdf)

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