Biomedical physics


16:00-16:30 Cellular biophysics: Livestreaming of migrating cells from a microscope, Prof. Hjalmar Brismar

16:30-17:00 Talk: Molecular biophysics, Profs. Lucie Delemotte and Berk Hess

17:00-17:30 Experimental biophysics: Fluorescence fluctuations to study molecules and cells, Prof. Jerker Widengren

17:30-18:00 Fluorescence microscopy metods and neuroscience: How to open new observation window in the interior of brain cells, Prof. Ilaria Testa

18:00-18:30 Medical imaging: Using physics to look inside the human body, Assist. Prof. Mats Persson and Christel Sundberg

18:30-19:00 Ultrasounds: acoustofluidics for tissue engineering, Prof. Martin Viklund

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