Sustainable development

Courses related to sustainable development

All courses in sustainable development at KTH are not suitable for your programme. At the moment, there is also an ongoing discussion within the teacher community about what should be the core knowledge in sustainable development for an engineering physicist. Before this discussion has ended in a strategy, I would like to draw your attention to a few courses within sustainability that you are allowed to choose within your curriculum.

SK2711 Environmental physics, 6.0 credits

SK2775 Nanomaterials for sustainable energy and environment, 7.5 credits

This list of course will be extended when new suitable courses for the programme are found and checked for compliance with the goals of the programme.

Sustainable development within the programme

The programme is managed from the view of creating an open and including atmosphere for both students and teachers. A central standpoint within the programme (and actually within society as a whole) is that sustainable development should be based on the idea of actively using diversity as a tool for development. This is perhaps most clearly manifested in the programme level student questionnaire every study period, where you have the possibility to come up with any type of suggestions for improving the programme and its courses.

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