Guides and manuals

Follow the guides and/or ask supervisors if you are unsure how to use a tool/machine.

CNC mill

The CNC mill can be tricky to learn. Therefore, it is recommended that you read-up on the subject before taking the introduction.

Quick start guide: Student CNC Guide (pdf 2.7 MB)

Fusion 360 CAM video

3D-printer, Zortrax M200

Quick start guide: Zortrax Guide (pdf 1.6 MB)

How to print big with success: guide (pdf 95 kB) .

Troubleshooting Zortrax: Troubleshooting with Zortrax (pdf 2.6 MB)

Even though the Zortrax M200 is a quite easy printer to learn, it can still cause you trouble. That is why the Zortrax Support Center  exists. It contains an assortment of troubleshooting and user guides.

User manual: Zortrax M200 manual

3D-printer, Prusa i3 MK3

Quick start guide: Prusa Guide (pdf 5.1 MB)

Troubleshooting guide: troubleshooting (pdf 7.0 MB)

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