There is a stock of raw material at student workshop for your use.

There is most of what you will need in terms of aluminum, copper, brass, steel and stainless steel. Smaller pieces of wood and PVC-plastics are also available. Stop by the workshop and have a look if you are unsure if we have what you need.

The material can be purchased for your project at a low cost (see the pricelist below). The material is taken out by a supervisor and then gets paid for via Swish to the phone number:

076-226-51 47

NOTE: Material for the 3D-printers is paid for in the same manner.

Current material prices

3D printer filament 0.5 SEK/g
Aluminium 60 SEK/kg
Steel 20 SEK/kg
Stainless steel 70 SEK/kg
Copper 120 SEK/kr
Plastics 100 SEK/kg
Wood 10 SEK/kg
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