Order and Safety Rules

To access and work in Student Workshop we require that you have read and understood all the safety rules and regulations on this page, completed the mandatory introduction routine and signed that you will follow and respect the safety rules.

Remember that the safety regulations only are a guide, they do not replace common sense and a personal assessment of the risks. You should not use a machine or tool that you consider to be dangerous or lack the knowledge to use in a proper and safe manner. There is no replacement for a damaged eye, or a lost life. Use the equipment properly, if you are unsure on how to use it take help of a supervisor!

General Rules:
• No food in the lab/workshop!
• No workshop work in the meeting corner! The meeting corner is for meetings and office work only.
• If some equipment is missing, broken, or needed, write this on the 'Student Workshop Needs' list.
• Put things back where they should be. Read the Cabinet Register’s to see where things belong.
• Keep it ordered. Clean up after yourself.

Working order:
• Take out the tools/materials/projects to be worked on, work on them, put the things back where they were and clean up! No trace of work in progress should be seen when you leave for the day!
• Never work alone in the workshop! If an accident occurs there needs to be others around that can help you.
• Always wear the necessary protective equipment.
• Always use a protective coat when working.

Usage of Machines:
• Never use machines/equipment alone, if an accident occurs there needs to be others on site that can help you.
• Always wear safety goggles!
• No loose clothing, watches, jewelry, or hairstyles that can get caught in rotating parts of the machine.
• Never touch the rotating parts of the machine when it is running, hands on the controls!
• Ensure that the workpiece is securely clamped.
• Ensure that the tool is securely mounted in the machine.

Electrical Safety:
• Never work on live circuits.
• Do not work with electricity if you are not totally confident on what you do.
• Do not use damaged equipment.

Electronics Safety:
• Use protective glasses, solder can ‘spit’.
• Beware of burning yourself on the soldering iron.
• Let the solder cool before touching the soldered parts.
• Think of ESD safety when handling components.

Fire Safety:
• Ensure that you know where the emergency exits are. There are two exits, one through the entrance and up the stairs, the other one through the garage door. Do not use the elevator in case of fire!
• Feel if the door if it is hot before opening.
• Make sure that you know where the fire extinguishers are located.
• If a fire occurs: Save yourself and others first, then warn others, then alert the emergency services by phone or fire alarm.
• Extinguish the fire if it is manageable.

• Nothing leaves the lab/workshop!
• Do not set up the doors, an open garage door forgotten is a golden opportunity for the thief!
• Discovered theft leads to immediate suspension and report to the police.

Locked Machines and Equipment:
You will have access to use all the tools, machinery and equipment available unlocked, provided you follow safety rules and use the tools correctly. Some machines are locked and cannot be used by yourself since they require skills, experience or special training to be used safely. This is to make sure that you will not injure yourself or damage the equipment.

To use this equipment, you need to take help of a booked supervisor who perform or guide you when working with the machines. Listed below are equipment that requires booking of a supervisor.

Equipment and Operations that require booking of a supervisor:
• Turning
• Milling
• CNC Milling
• Welding
• Bandsaw
• Table Saw
• Compound Miter Saw

• Power Tools
• Other workshop equipment


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