1N5103 Philosophy of the Technological Sciences 7.5 credits

Teknikvetenskapernas filosofi

  • Education cycle

    Third cycle
  • Main field of study

  • Grading scale

    P, F

At present this course is not scheduled to be offered.

Intended learning outcomes

The course objective is that the student should be able to independently analyze philosophical problems in the philosophy of technology, especially problems concerning the relationships between technology and science, between technology and practical knowledge, and between technology and sustainable development.

Course main content

The course deals with the relationship between technology and science both historically and in modern applications, especially regarding experiments, observations, models and theorizing. A particular focus is put on examples and theories that concern the importance of technology for sustainable development.


The course is given for PhD students.


Sven Ove Hansson (ed.) The Role of Technology in Science. Philosophical Perspectives. Dordrecht: Springer, 2015.

Christine Rösch "Ethics of sustainability- an analytical approach", pp 17-34 in The Ethics of Technology, 2017.

In addition, current literature that is determined before the start of the course.


Requirements for final grade

To pass requires both active participation in the course, and a passed essay on one with the teacher agreed topic.

Offered by



Sven Ove Hansson, soh@kth.se


John Cantwell <john.cantwell@abe.kth.se>


Course syllabus valid from: Spring 2018.