DD3327 Seminariekurs i högpresterande beräkningar och visualisering 3,0 hp

Seminar Course in High Peformance Computing Visualization

In this course the student will practice to engage in interdisciplinary research outside the particular area of expertise of the student, within the domain of high performance computing and visualization. The course aciivities consists of participation in 4 interdisciplinary seminars, including giving a 45 minutes presentation of ones sresearach at one seminar to an interdisciplinary audience, and writing a project plan for an interdisciplinary research project connecting the research of the student to other research presented in the seminars.

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    P, F

Information för forskarstuderande om när kursen ges

The course is offered each year, with project plans to be submitted no later than June 1 the following year.


The student should learn to analyze research outside ones particular area of expertise by active participation in seminars, to communicate research to an interdisciplinary audience, and to write an interdisciplinary project plan.

Kursens huvudsakliga innehåll


Participation i 4 HPCViz seminars, 1 presentation of 45 minutes at a HPCViz seminar, 1 written interdisciplinary project plan (5 pages - structured as a project plan in a grant application, a template and examples will be provided).




  • EXA1 - Examination, 3,0, betygsskala: G
  • EXAA - Examination, 3,0, betygsskala: P, F

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EECS/Beräkningsvetenskap och beräkningsteknik


Johan Hoffman <jhoffman@kth.se>


Kursplan gäller från och med HT2012.
Examinationsinformation gäller från och med VT2019.