EI3334 Advances in High Voltage Engineering, PhD Course 5.0 credits

Framsteg inom högspänningstekniken, doktorandkurs

The course covers investigates the latest results in the area of high voltage techniques

  • Education cycle

    Third cycle
  • Main field of study

  • Grading scale

    P, F

Information for research students about course offerings

The course is given when there is sufficient demand. Please contact the examiner if you are interested in taking the course.

Intended learning outcomes

After the course, the student should be able to:

  • identify the improvements of a new measurement technique compared to existing techniques
  • analyze the benefits with a new proposed material compared with existing solutions
  • investigate the traceability of new findings to more well-known concepts
  • compare the properties of new designs compared with existing
  • control and repeat proposed simulation results
  • analyze the developments in the area of ultra high voltages (UHV) and what obstacles that come in the way
  • describe the latest findings in the high voltage area during the last 5-10 years

Course main content

Novel materials for high voltage equipment, new and improved designs, new measurement equipment for diagnostics and monitoring of high voltage components, innovative devices for measurements of any thermal, electrical, mechanical, physical or chemical property of relevance for high voltage apparatuses. Non-power system applications of high voltages, pulsed power applications, electrostatic precipitators, etc.


Seminars/workshops (7*3h = 21 h), 1 simulation project, 1 experimental project, 1 study tour to investigate an innovative product/process/service


MSc in electrical engineering, physical engineering or similar. EI2430 or FEI3232 are strongly recommended.


A. Haddad and D. Warne, Advances in High Voltage Engineering, 2004; Articles, patents, company magazines, www, etc.


  • EXA1 - Examination, 5.0, grading scale: P, F

Requirements for final grade

One ten page long (font 12pt) essay on the latest findings in some selected area of the high voltage engineering field.  Participated in 5 out of 7 workshops, each time giving an oral presentation of something from a research article not older than 5 years. One repeated simulation of data from articles. One detailed report on how to repeat a certain experiment.

Offered by

EECS/Electromagnetic Engineering


Hans Edin <edin@kth.se>


Course syllabus valid from: Autumn 2011.
Examination information valid from: Spring 2019.