EP3316 Seminariekurs i avancerade ämnen inom kommunikationsnät 1 8,0 hp

Seminar on Advanced Topics in Communication Networks 1

This is a seminar-style course, in which on-going research and recent research results in the area of communication networks and systems are presented and discussed. The course is two hours per week, covers two periods of the academic year and extends over two academic years. The presentations are given by the participating students. The topics are selected by the students in coordination with their advisors. They typically revolve around the student’s PhD research subject. This is the first installment of the course, typically taken by PhD students in years 1 and 2 of their studies.

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    P, F


VT19 för programstuderande

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    VT19 P3 (4,0 hp), P4 (4,0 hp)

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    KTH Campus

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    Ingen begränsning

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    Liv Gingnell <livmvr@kth.se>

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    Endast för doktorander på NSe

Information för forskarstuderande om när kursen ges

Available for NES PhD students only.


After the course, the student should be able to:

·        Present a research problem and research results in a concise way and the within allotted time.

·        Defend the research approach, design decisions, and the evaluation methods in a discussion.

·        Moderate a discussion after a research presentation.

Kursens huvudsakliga innehåll

Current research topics in communication networks, which will change from year to year. Examples: performance aspects of wireless sensor networks or peer-to-peer media streaming systems, scalability of management systems, security aspects of vehicular networks.


Weekly seminars



Publications and technical reports related to the presented material.


  • EXA1 - Examination, 8,0, betygsskala: P, F

Krav för slutbetyg

Two presentations per academic year.

Twice per year moderating the discussion after a presentation.

Attendance and active participation in all sessions.

The course extends over two years.

Ges av

EECS/Nätverk och systemteknik


Liv Gingnell


Gunnar Karlsson <gk@kth.se>

György Dán <gyuri@kth.se>

Liv Gingnell <livmvr@kth.se>

Panagiotis Papadimitratos <papadim@kth.se>

Robert Lagerström <robertl@kth.se>

Rolf Stadler <stadler@kth.se>

Viktoria Fodor <vjfodor@kth.se>


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