EP3323 Avancerad kurs i nätverkshantering 8,0 hp

Advanced Course in Network Management

The course provides a modern introduction into network and systems management. Topics traditionally taught in network management courses, e.g., standards for management protocols, data models, and architectures, will be given less space. Emphasis is put on new approaches, such as, decentralized management, policy-based management and the management of new and emerging technologies. The course is an extension of EP2300 and includes an additional project part, focussing either on more complex functionality or more in-depth evaluation. This part can be related to the student’s PhD research.

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    P, F

Information för forskarstuderande om när kursen ges

Given yearly in P1.


After the course, the student should be able to:

·        Understand basic frameworks for network and service management.

·        Understand algorithms and protocols for distributed management.

·        Understand concepts behind management policies.

·        Develop an SNMP-based management application.

Kursens huvudsakliga innehåll

SNMP, protocols for distributed management, concepts for internet and cloud performance management, management policies.


Lectures, homeworks and a programming project.



No text book. Research publications that are available through the course web site.


  • EXA1 - Examination, 8,0, betygsskala: P, F

Krav för slutbetyg

·        60% Written exam, 40% project work.

·        For passing the course, the written exam must be passed and the project must be accepted.

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EECS/Nätverk och systemteknik


Rolf Stadler


Rolf Stadler <stadler@kth.se>


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