IM3006 Experimental Methods for Bulk Nanomaterial Characterization 7.5 credits

Experimentella metoder för karakterisering av bulk nanomaterial

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This course has been cancelled.

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This course aims at teaching the students underlying principles of analytical techniques that are commonly used for the evaluation of bulk properties of nanomaterials. These include surface analysis technique FTIR spectroscopy; optical properties evaluation by UV-Vis spectroscopy; crystallographic phase identification by XRD; thermal properties evaluation using TGA and DSC; microstructure investigation by Electron microscopy (SEM and HRTEM); surface area analysis by BET surface area analyzer; magnetic properties by VSM and particle size- surface charge analysis by DLS and seta potential techniques. The course is planned in the form of theoretical and experimental modules for each analysis technique.

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    Third cycle
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Last planned examination: spring 21.

Information for research students about course offerings

The course will be offered in the first period every year, starting from HT13.

Recommended prerequisites

Master level courses on nanomaterials and chemistry.


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SCI/Applied Physics


Muhammet Toprak


Muhammet Toprak <>

Supplementary information

Different sections of the course will require different resources. Handouts and related up-to date literature resources will be utilized and distributed during classes. The following textbooks will be useful and will be followed for the indicated topics:

1. Basic Concepts Of Analytical Chemistry (S. M. Khopkar): Chapter 21 - UV-vis; Chapter 22 - FTIR; Chapter 23-25 - AAS-ICP-OES; Chapter 26 - PL; Chapter 27 - DLS

2. An Electronic Textbook for Introductory Courses in Analytical Chemistry (finns på addressen: