SK3415 Seminar Course in Laser Safety 1.5 credits

Seminariekurs i lasersäkerhet

Please note

This course has no currently valid course syllabus.

The course brings up the function of different lasers, classification of lasers, biological effects of laser radiation, basic safety rules, use of protective equipment and control of related hazards including electrical safety and fire safety and emergency response procedures. The examination with seminars and discussions in connection with the seminars train the student's communicative skills.    

  • Educational level

    Third cycle
  • Academic level (A-D)

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At present this course is not scheduled to be offered.

Recommended prerequisites

Basic courses on D-level in optics, laser physics and atomic and molecular physics.


Offered by

SCI/Applied Physics


Fredrik Laurell -


Fredrik Laurell <>

Supplementary information

Course contents: Function of different lasers and their wavelength domains. Classification of lasers. Basic safety rules. The biological effects of laser radiation. Use of protective equipment. Control of related hazards including electrical safety and fire safety.  Emergency response procedures.