SK3601 Quantum Photonics 7.5 credits


This courses combines theory and practice in the field of quantum entanglement: the history and concepts of entanglement are covered followed by the technical requirements and
equipment to generate, manlpulate and detect quantum entanglement. The students will
perform measurements themselves to observe quantum entanglement. Key scientific articles in the field will be discussed.

  • Education cycle

    Third cycle
  • Main field of study

  • Grading scale

At present this course is not scheduled to be offered.

Intended learning outcomes

Thorough understanding of the generation, manipulation and detection of quantum entanglement. Practical work in the lab to observe quantum entanglement and additional quantum effects (Hong Ou Mandel effect, Hanburry Brown Twiss interferometer, Quantum Eraser).

Course main content

History and theory of quantum entanglement. Study of the experimental requirements for the measurement and manipulation of quantum entanglement. Hands-on experiments to measure quantum entanglement in the lab and redaction of a complete report. Perform additional experiments in quantum photonics with pairs of entangled photons: detection efficiency measurements, the Hanbury-Brown Twiss interferometer, the Hong Ou Mandel effect, Michelson interferometry with single photons.


Lectures on the history and theory of quantum entanglement, starting with the 1935 EPR paper, demonstration of Bell's inequalities, Bell's states, different applications of quantum entanglement (quantum cryptography, quantum teleportation, absolute efficiency measurements). The technology to generate and detect quantum entanglement.


Graduate students with background in quantum physics and optics.

Recommended prerequisites

Quantum physics SK1102, SK1151


Scientific articles provided.

Required equipment

A complete setup to generate and measure quantum entanglement will be provided.


Requirements for final grade

  • Oral presentation and discussion of one article for every student
  • Thorough report on laboratory demonstration of quantum entanglement
  • Extra experimental report: perform and report additional quantum measurement (Hong Ou Mandel, Hanburry Brown Twiss or Quantum Eraser)
  • Hand in assignment on quantum entanglement measurement

Offered by

SCI/Applied Physics


Val Zwiller (


Val Zwiller <>


Course syllabus valid from: Autumn 2017.