SK3888 Luminescence Spectroscopy of Semiconductors 6.0 credits

Luminescens spektroskopi av halvledare

Please note

This course has been cancelled.

This course has no currently valid course syllabus.

The course is seminar-oriented, where students take turns in presenting book chapters to the audience. Presentations are followed by discussion where participants need to be prepared with relevant questions at hand. The quality of presentations and activity at seminars will be evaluated and comprise half of the total score. A problem-solving homework is the other half of the examination. To achieve passing mark a 60% threshold in total scoring should be attained.

  • Education cycle

    Third cycle
  • Main field of study

  • Grading scale

Last planned examination: spring 21.

At present this course is not scheduled to be offered.

Recommended prerequisites

  • Solid State Physics
  • Introductory Quantum Mechanics, Optics


Offered by

SCI/Applied Physics


Ilya Sytjugov (


Ilya Sytjugov <>