Appendix 2: Specialisations

Degree Programme in Design and Product Realisation (CDEPR), Programme syllabus for studies starting in autumn 2015

Master, Aerospece Engineering (AEE)

Master, Vehicle Engineering (FOR)

Master, Industrial Management (INE)

Track, Industrial Design Engineering (IPDC)

Track, Innovation Management and Product Development (IPDE)

Track, Combustion Engineering (IPUA)

Track, Machine Design (IPUB)

Track, Mechatronics (IPUC)

Master, Naval Architecture (MRS)

Master, Production Engineering and Management (PRM)

Master, Sustainable Energy Engineering (SUE)

Master, Sustainable Technology (SUT)

Track, Fluid Mechanics (TEMA)

Track, Solid Mechanics (TEMB)

Track, Sound and Vibrations (TEMC)