Appendix 1: Course list

Degree Programme in Civil Engineering and Urban Management (CSAMH), Programme syllabus for studies starting in autumn 2017

General courses

Recommended courses

Conditionally elective courses

Conditionally elective courses

Supplementary information

During the last two years, subjects are read within the framework of one of the master’s programmes: Real estate and Construction Management,Civil and architectural engineering, Sustainable urban planning and design, Environmental engineering and sustainable infrastructure and Transport and geoinformation technology.

For courses in year 4,see courses within your selected master programme.

Civil Engineering and Construction Project Management (BBP)

Conditionally elective courses

Real Estate Economics and Real Estate Law (FEFJ)

Geographic IT (GIT)

Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastru. (MHI)

Conditionally elective courses

Urban and Traffic Planning (STP)

Conditionally elective courses