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General  eligibility requirements

A completed Bachelor’s degree (BSc, BEng of corresponding) comprising 180 university credits from a university approved by the Swedish authorities or accredited of an authorized organization. Working knowledge in written and spoken English. The applicant must present proof of knowledge in English. Complete information on the eligibility requirements can be found in the local admission policy of KTH.

Specific eligibility requirements

The prerequisites for the Master’s program in Applied and Computational Mathematics is a Swedish or foreign degree equivalent to Bachelor of Science of 180 university credits, with at least 45 university credits in mathematics. The students are required to have documented knowledge corresponding to basic university courses in analysis in one and several variables, linear algebra, numerical analysis, differential equations and transforms, mathematical statistics, and basics of programming in a higher programming language.

The specific requirements may be assessed as not fulfilled if

  • the average grade is in the lower half on the grading scale used (above pass level)
  • the degree awarding institution  is not considered to meet acceptable quality standards by the authorities of the country in which the institution  is located
  • the degree does not qualify for admission to equivalent Master’s level in the country where the degree is awarded

Selection process

The selection process for the Master's programme in Applied and Computational Mathematics is based on a total evaluation of the following criteria: university, grades in courses relevant to the program: mathematics in a wide sense, and motivation letter. In addition, English language skills above the minimum requirements will give a higher overall evaluation score.