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Alireza Farshin’s Licentiate Defense

Publicerad 2019-06-13

We are happy to announce that Alireza Farshin successfully defended his licentiate thesis (licentiate is a degree at KTH half-way to a PhD)! We are once again very grateful to Prof. Gerald Q. Maguire Jr. for a fantastic co-advising job. Prof. Babak Falsafi was a superb opponent at the licentiate seminar. Alireza’s thesis is available online:

Realizing Low-Latency Internet Services via Low-Level Optimization of NFV Service Chains: Every nanosecond counts!

Dejan handing Alireza the traditional licentiate degree gift at KTH (image credit: Marco Chiesa).
Alireza Farshin (front, right) with his doctoral advisors (behind, left: Dejan Kostic, behind, right: Gerald Q. Maguire, Jr.). Front left is Prof. Babak Falsafi, the opponent at the licentiate seminar (image credit: Marco Chiesa).
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