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Anita Kullen receives KTH's Pedagogical Prize for 2020

Publicerad 2021-01-27

KTH's Pedagogical Prize is awarded to teachers within KTH for outstanding contributions to education at the first-, second and third-cycle levels.

Anita received the prize for 2020 together with Stefan Stenbom, lecturer at the ITM School's Department of Learning. Here is the motivation for Anita's prize:

"With great commitment, sensitivity, and creativity, Associate Professor Anita Kullen of the Division of Space and Plasma Physics has developed the Electronics program's bachelor's thesis course in an excellent and inspiring way. She became the course coordinator in 2011 and has since refined the course and its various parts to motivate students and links the course to their future professional activities. By actively introducing and working with new supervisors, she ensures that they gain valuable training in supervision, and the course's methodology is then applied elsewhere at KTH.

Anita Kullen is a very worthy recipient of KTH's Pedagogical Prize for 2020."

Read an interview with Anita here.