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SPP receives 14.7 MSEK in funding from the Swedish National Space Agency

Publicerad 2020-12-15

Space and Plasma Physics was very successful in this year's round of SNSA calls, and secured a large part of the hotly contended space research funding.

The projects that received funding were

  • Physics of the auroral E regions as revealed by multipoint measurements, PhD position (Nickolay Ivchenko)
  • Upper atmosphere and aurora of an ice giant: Analysis of hydrogen Lya observations of Uranus., PhD position (Lorenz Roth)
  • Cluster Scandinavian Data Centre (Per-Arne Lindqvist)
  • JUICE/ Radio and Plasma Wave Instrument, EGSE and Thermal modelling (Nickolay Ivchenko)
  • Science preparations for the BepiColombo mission: magnetospheric physics (Tomas Karlsson)

The funding for each project is distributed over 2-4 years.

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