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In KTH's publication database - DiVA - you can find most publications from the division of Fusion Plasma Physics.

Below is a list of the last 50 publications from the division in the DiVA database. For a complete list of publications and student theses, follow the links:

DiVA: Fusion Plasma Physics - Research publications
DiVA: Fusion Plasma Physics - Student theses

Lastest publications

J. Scheffel, K. Lindvall och H. F. Yik, "A time-spectral approach to numerical weather prediction," Computer Physics Communications, 226, 127-135.
J. Romazanov et al., "Beryllium global erosion and deposition at JET-ILW simulated with ERO2.0," Nuclear Materials and Energy, 18, 331-338.
F. Eriksson et al., "Impact of fast ions on density peaking in JET : fluid and gyrokinetic modeling," Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 61(7).
H. J. C. Oliver et al., "Modification of the Alfven wave spectrum by pellet injection," Nuclear Fusion, 59(10).
C. E. Myers et al., "A multi-machine scaling of halo current rotation," Nuclear Fusion, 58(1).
F. Eriksson et al., "Interpretative and predictive modelling of Joint European Torus collisionality scans," Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 61(11).
I. Lengar et al., "Activation material selection for multiple foil activation detectors in JET TT campaign," Fusion engineering and design, 136, 988-992.
A. Widdowson et al., "Deposition of impurity metals during campaigns with the JET ITER-like Wall," Nuclear Materials and Energy, 19, 218-224.
B. Cannas et al., "Recurrence Plots for Dynamic Analysis of Type-I ELMs at JET With a Carbon Wall," IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 47(4), 1871-1877.
D. D. Carvalho et al., "Deep neural networks for plasma tomography with applications to JET and COMPASS," Journal of Instrumentation, 14.
K. Heinola et al., "Modelling of the effect of ELMs on fuel retention at the bulk W divertor of JET," Nuclear Materials and Energy, 19, 397-402.
C. Makepeace et al., "The effect of beryllium oxide on retention in JET ITER-like wall tiles," Nuclear Materials and Energy, 19, 346-351.
M. Salewski et al., "Diagnostic of fast-ion energy spectra and densities in magnetized plasmas," Journal of Instrumentation, 14.
C. Silva et al., "Geodesic acoustic mode evolution in L-mode approaching the L-H transition on JET," Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 61(7).
D. Carnevale et al., "Runaway electron beam control," Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 61(1).
J. Hobirk et al., "Analysis of plasma termination in the JET hybrid scenario," Nuclear Fusion, 58(7).
K. K. Kirov et al., "Fast ion synergistic effects in JET high performance pulses," Nuclear Fusion, 59(5).
B. P. van Milligen et al., "Radial variation of heat transport in L-mode JET discharges," Nuclear Fusion, 59(5).
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