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Seminar Session - Current Research in Healthcare

On 19th of April, in conjunction with Oscar Frykholm's thesis defense, we have the pleasure of hosting a series of seminars from the opponent and examination committee.

Tid: Fr 2013-04-19 kl 10.15 - 11.50

Plats: VIC - Visualiseringsstudion, Lindstedtsvägen 3, floor 4 (follow the signs)

The seminar starts at 10.15 and ends at 11.50. Each presentation will be 15 minutes + 5 minutes for questions.

c. 10:15 Action Research within Healthcare Research
Pernille Bjørn , Associate Professor in the Technologies in Practice research group at the IT University in Copenhagen.

c. 10:35 The Essentials of Needs Assessments
, docent, research leader, FOI Swedish Defence Research Agency, and, Adjunct professor at KTH


Needs Assessment, an activity much harder to perform than to understand. Even though few question its importance for achieving adequate systems it's a forgotten, undefined, low prioritized, neglected and underestimated activity in systems development.  The aim of this presentation is to counter this by shedding some light on the essentials of successful needs assessments.

c. 10:55 Analyzing and supporting interprofessional collaboration in medicine using video and mobile devices
Klas Karlgren , Senior researcher, Centre for Medical Education, Karolinska Institute

c. 11.25 Social interaction around a wall-sized virtual microscope in histopathology

Rebecca Randell , Researcher, School of Healthcare, University of Leeds

You are all most welcome to attend the seminar that will be held in the visualisation studio.

/Kicki Groth & Ann Lantz