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Digital and Physical Space Design

Physical and digital technology merge more and more and it is now possible to experience interfaces not only by vision and hearing but also by touch.

In this research area the impact these interfaces have on social settings such as clinical team meetings, group work in school and even out-door play is investigated. These interfaces can be virtual using visual, haptic and auditory feedback or physical out-door environments enhanced with digital components. Haptic interfaces range from tactile vibration in a mobile phone to robotic systems that allow users to feel and manipulate 3D graphical objects as if they were real physical objects with material properties such as weight, texture, softness, magnetic forces etc. It is important to understand how interfaces should be designed so that the match is good between the demands of a multi-user task and the capabilities of human senses.


Sustainable Urban Play Environments
Haptics in Clinical Settings
Digital and Physical Play Environments
Haptics and Sonification
Woody, The Haptic Toolkit
Haptic Group Work Tools

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