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ISSLS2000 awarded to Sandipan Das' Master Thesis in Telecommunications

Publicerad 2016-12-08

When Sandipan Das, a student following a Communications and Security Masters degree at the ICT school chose to switch topic for his thesis and come to MST, he never thought he would go back to his school to be recognized with an award.

His work has been recently recognized with the ISSLS 2000 award for excellent Master theses in telecommunications. ISSLS awards with 50,000 SEK well executed, insightful, and high quality theses that are expected to make a valuable contribution to the development of communications. Sandipan spent 6 months at MST under supervision of Carlos Errando-Herranz and Kristinn B. Gylfason developing silicon photonic devices integrated with MEMS actuators that can form the basis of future on-chip optical networks. 

MEMS tunable photonics can play a key role in future optical communication networks.

His reaction to the award says it all: "I never thought in my dreams that I could win this award. But at the same time I feel honoured for this award which complements my studies and I feel really happy that my work could contribute in the development of the high speed communication systems of the future. But of course any of this would not have been possible without the help and overall guidance of Carlos Errando-Herranz​ and Prof. Kristinn B. Gylfason in all stages of the development of the device. Eventually it would be really satisfactory if this technology is embraced by the telecom industry and used in the market for providing high speed communication infrastructure for the future."

More information on Sandipan Das' project  MEMS tunable photonics

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